The challenge

London City Airport’s passenger proposition is fundamental to its success and growth. Currently passengers can travel from door to gate in no more than 20 minutes and from tarmac to train in 15 minutes.

However, as a capacity constrained airport, it must look to and embrace tech innovations that will help overcome operational difficulties which will, in turn, provide further time savings to passengers.

One such challenge that London City Airport and many airports face is parking allocation for all arriving aircraft. Due to space constraints the capability for holding aircraft out of the designated parking bases is problematic. If there are delays, or other unforeseen aircraft issues, there can be repercussions throughout the day resulting in inefficient stand planning which delays passengers and affects overall proposition.

With expected growth in passenger numbers, rising to 4.6 million in 2016, it is imperative for LCY to simultaneously accommodate them, whilst also improving its passenger proposition.  As more people travel to and from the UK, maintaining high levels of passenger satisfaction and operational efficiencies are challenges shared by all air travel businesses.

This challenge set in conjunction with London City Airport seeks proposals to develop an innovative solution, using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, to make use of the complex airport, aircraft, airline, air navigation providers, passenger and other relevant data sources which learns from experience, and presents a comprehensive, dynamic and agile aircraft parking allocation.


The product: Intelligent Airport Parking (IAP)


Autonomatech has come up with a method which uses Machine Learning to connect aircraft, airline, air navigation providers and passengers information together with other data sources which learn from experience to provide a comprehensive, dynamic and agile aircraft stand planning allocation system.


Innovate UK has awarded Autonomatech to develop a Machine learning solution for stand allocation for London City airport. References:

Innovate UK awards £200,000 prize to UK data startups 

Innovate UK awards over £200,000 to pioneering data innovation startups